10 reasons why black dogs are amazing + a tribute to Fire Dogs

Today we are celebrating Black Dog Appreciation Day + Fire Dog Day and sharing 10 reasons why black dogs ROCK and sharing some information about Fire Dogs and why they're so paw-tastic too! If you have a black dog today, be sure to share yours with us!

So without further ado, here are 10 amazing facts + reasons why black dogs are fantastic pups!

1. Black dogs appear to stay clean longer. Unlike lighter clored dogs, black dogs can hide those dirty paws a little bit longer!

2. I love photographing black dogs! They go with EVERYTHING! From colorful backgrounds to vibrant toys and everything in between, they make an amazing photo every time, contrary to popular belief! With a black colored pup, photo ops are always ripe for the taking. While it can take some extra skills to photograph them, they do look extra dashing with almost any setting or prop with them! Oh, Don't let a poor photo taken in a dark shelter of a black dog impact your decision to adopt one! These dogs are EVERY bit as amazing as any other dog and they love to pose, play and snuggle just like any other dog!

3. If you're someone who wears a lot of dark clothing like I do, it will save you some time with the lint brush! As a pet parent to a feline with light colored hair, I can attest to the fact that it clings to all my favorite outfits - although I still wear it with pride, like any good feline momma!

4. When black dogs age, they go grey, just like us humans! Maybe they'll inspire you to be bold too and allow yourself to go silver as you age! How nice to have someone else to share those well earned silver streaks with?!

5. Start a trend + help be a part of the solution by breaking many myths that surround Black Dogs. Black Dog syndrom is a very real and scary problem in shelters. They are all too often overlooked and are some of the last to be adopted simply based on the color of their fur! A dog’s coat color has no impact on his demeanor or temperament. Be a leader and allow a black dog to inspire by example.

6. This should go without saying, but we shouldn't discriminate based on color of fur or skin. Black dogs are just as adventurous, snuggly, protective, silly, and wonderful as dogs of any other color. Really let this sink in, especially if you are considering adopting a pup in the near future.