10 pawsome reasons dogs make the best pets + 10 great ways to help rescue dogs

Happy National Dog Week everyone! To help celebrate, I pulled our resident pup into the office to help me put together some really awsome lists! Today Ozzy and I are sharing 10 reasons why dogs rule (please don't tell Poly-ana, she'll hiss in dismay!) and 10 amazing ways you can help pawsome rescue dogs! So, without further ado, here is our Miss Ozzy's 2 Top 10 lists to celebrate this special week!

10 Reasons Why Dogs Rule...

  1. Their loyalty and unconditional Love. Dogs unconditional love a huge healer of many things that ail us including loneliness. A dog during difficult times can make the world feel a little less pear-shaped. Dogs love their people even on days we don't love ourselves enough. With a dog by your side, you’ll always have someone to cuddle with, eat dinner with, or head to a dog-friendly cafe with. You’ll discover quickly that your dog will become your most loyal friend.

  2. Their positive attitude and sheer JOY is infectious. Dogs get so excited over the simplest things from sticks, to discarded food wrappers, and even a trip to the corner shop and that can make you appreciate the little things in life. It's just plain facts. You cannot possibly be sad with an amazing playful pup at your side!

  3. They make us active ...even when we don't want to be. Even if you don't feel up to going for that walk to get some fresh air and step away from that keyboard or Netflix bingathon, Fido will always ensure you WILL get some fresh air, even if it's just long enough for them to do their business. And let's face it, even though we often begrudge them at the time for making us stop being lazy, we always feel glad that we got that exercise. By the way, did you know that walking just 20 minutes a day with your pup can reduce your risk of heart disease by 8 percent? See, Fido really does have your heart health in mind!

  4. They love us back. If you don't think Fido loves you, think again! Scientists have discovered that dogs release the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin when interacting with humans. I always knew they loved us too!

  5. There is no place like home...when you have a dog waiting for you at home tail wagging. Even if you've had a bad day at work, your kids are driving you to the brink of insanity and you're pretty sure your spouse is intentionally trying to make you snap, coming home to your loyal dog who is always there to greet you like you've been gone for weeks and you're their very best friend, can make even those horrible things melt away.

6. They make us be social, even when we may not want to be. We may think that guys are being trite when they say dogs are a chic magnet, but the truth is, dogs are always a great ice breaker. And as any dog owner will know, walking your pet is a sure-fire way to start conversations with fellow animal lovers. In today's society where we often feel isolated and can find it hard to interact and meet new people, this can sometimes be a great thing. And, with Fido by your side, most of us also feel more confident and that initial fear of meeting new people can often fade. You can even join meetups online with other dog owners, or check out great barkery's or pet friendly breweries and cafes to meet other like-minded, dog-loving, souls! With Fido by your side, you're certain to make new friends wherever you go.

7. They make you laugh. Laughter they say is the best medicine and Fido is a great dispenser of just that. From accidentally doing a backward roll off the sofa or giving you the beady eye as you scoff down a bacon sandwich without offering them any, dogs will constantly have you chuckling at their antics. It's truly hard to be mad or even sad with Fido acting like a clown half the time to make you smile!

8. They have our backs! One reason many people, especially those who are single or live alone is for safety. Let's face it, Fido makes us feel safer, even if they're a tiny Shih Tzu. And it is a fact that home invaders are far less likely to intrude on your home if they hear or see a dog present. For some of us, it means a better night's sleep knowing that Fido has their ears perked up and listening for any signs of danger!

9. They do their business outside. Unlike cats, you don’t need to keep a litter box inside when you own a dog – although you will find yourself constantly carrying around poo bags! And a quick side note: please pick up after your pooch and dispose of it properly!

10. Owning a dog can help kids learn about responsibility and empathy. While it often teaches kids other lessons, like unconditional love, saying goodbye it also teaches them responsibility and empathy. All great things to learn.

10 Great Ways to Help A Rescue Dog

  1. Volunteer Your Time + Skill: Rescues of all shapes and sizes are always looking for people to donate their time from dog walking and stuffing envelopes to sharing their special skillset! Are you a carpenter? accountant? housekeeper or custodian? photographer? dog trainer? They are always in need of people who can lend a helping paw. Did you know that here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography, I'm an Artist Member of Hearts Speak, which means I donate my skill as a professional pet photographer to local rescue groups to take amazing adoption photos, helping pups find the puuuurfect happy tails!

  2. Donate: Rescues are always in need of simple cash and be it a $1 donation or a $100 donation every cent that comes in is always appreciated far more than you could ever realize! These funds help them keep helping amazing fur-kids in need.

  3. Help Make Wishes Come True: Every rescue has a wishlist of items they are in great need of from more food to paper towels and everything in between. Some rescues even have them on amazon making wish fulfillment even easier! If you are curious about what their wishlist involves and can't find it online be sure to give them a bark, they're always happy to share!

  4. Fundraisers: Host a fundraiser for them to raise money and donations of things on their wishlist! From birthday parties with gifts going to the rescue to weddings with money being raised to help pets in need and even bake sales - every little bit helps and makes many tails wag!

  5. Foster: While fostering is not for everyone if you have the ability to be at home and care for an amazing fur-kid who needs a little extra TLC to get their tail wagging again, be sure to apply to foster an amazing pet! Right now with so many people working from home due to Covid-19, now is an AMAZING time to foster and help make a pets day extra bright although, be forewarned, you could be a foster failure, which to me, is the one time its awesome to fail at something!

6. Adopt: Of course the best way to help a rescue pet is to simply adopt one! If you don't have one in your life, let me tell you, they will change your life (for the better!)

7. Get Crafty: Are you an avid crocheter? knitter extraordinaire? Love making quilts? From making adopt me vests to special blanket keepsakes and everything in between, these mean the world to these amazing pets. When I adopted Poly-ana, she came with her own tiny quilt that had been kept with her in her kennel while she was at the shelter. She still has it and, to whoever made it thank you! It has meant the world to her and she still adores it and it still brings her much comfort and consistency.

8. Transport: Some rescues need help getting pets to vet appointments to bringing them from one overloaded shelter to a less full one and everything in between; if you're always up for a road trip, big or small, be sure to lend them a helping paw!

9. Networking + Spreading the word: From fliers to hitting that share button and even simply sharing with your family and friends; getting the word out about amazing pets seeking homes and great rescue groups in need, is always a HUGE help!

10. Earn money for them via apps like Resqwalk: If you're going for those 10,000 steps per day why not add a little incentive to it? While the donations might not be huge, every penny counts! And, if you're walking anyhow.... why not make it count?