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10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Port Paws Sessions

When you book a Port Paws Session with Paws + Tails Pet Photography, there isn't just a single way we capture your fur-kids. Each session is individualized based on your fur-baby, what you are looking to put on your walls at home and the best place that expresses your special and one of a kind bond. Some of my favorite ideas for Port Paws Sessions include these amazing sessions!

1. Adventure Sessions - Adventure Sessions are all about celebrating those pups who love a great adventure in the great outdoors! Hiking, climbing, exploring the woods - if that is what makes you and your furkids smile like a ray of sunshine - then these special outdoor adventure sessions are made with you in mind!

2. Beach Sessions - If your fur-kids dating profile would include long strolls on the beach or sunsets in the sand, this session is totally for you! We are so fortunate to live on the North Island where we have rocky beaches, sandy beaches, and even "beaches" beside streams and rivers as well for all those water-loving fur-babies to enjoy!

Celebrate your fur-kids love of the beach with a Beach Session!

3. Barkday Session - With kids of the human variety get to enjoy birthday cake filled celebratory sessions, so why shouldn't our fur-kids?! If you'd love to celebrate your fur-kids barkday, gotchya day, Dogust (birthday), or any other fun cake filled party celebration - this session is for you!

4. Local Love Sessions - I LOVE shopping local as much as I can, whenever I can and I know most of us North Islanders feel the same way about shopping small. If you and your fur-kid are passionate about your local North Island city and have favorite parks, streets, murals, shops and more you'd love to celebrate in your session - I'd LOVE to hear all about it and help you celebrate YOUR passion for our beautiful North Island communities in your session!

Celebrate Your Own Backyard with Local Love Sessions!

5. Puppy Love Sessions - Did you just adopt or bring home a new puppy in your life? Why not celebrate all those special little moments while you can with your new puppy, kitten, or even foal or colt! (baby fur-kids of all shapes and sizes are eligible for this special session type!) Baby fur-kids grow up even faster than human kids - so don't forget to capture every special moment and milestone!

6. Celebration of Life Sessions - These sessions always get a top priority with booking dates, for obvious reasons. These sessions are reserved for clients who have just found out their beautiful fur-babies are going to be crossing the rainbow bridge very soon. We will capture and celebrate every special detail of your furbaby and your beautiful journey together. These sessions have no time limit due to the nature of these extra hard sessions. If you have just found out this heartbreaking news, be sure to give me a bark, and let's celebrate your love and journey today.

Celebrate Your Pet Before They Cross the Rainbow Bridge with a Celebration of Life Session

7. Adoptaversary Sessions - These fun sessions are similar to Barkday and Puppy Love Sessions, celebrating the adoption of your new fur-kid no matter their size or age - no matter if you just adopted or want to celebrate the day you adopted them, this session is all about celebrating picking your amazing fur-kid and helping save a beautiful life. These sessions also come with a fun perk of having an additional $10 sent to an amazing local pet rescue group! If you have adopted from a local shelter - I'll also (if you would like) send you 1 extra special low-resolution image from your session, to send to them for an adoption update!

8. Muddy Puddles - Is your fur-kids favorite movie Dancing in the Rain? If so, these sessions are tailor-made for your wet + wild fur-kid! And, with us living in the Pacific Northwest, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our own Wet + Wild lifestyle here! If your fur-baby LOVES the rain as much as most of us We't Coasters do, this session is 110% for you!

9. Seasonal Joy Sessions - Do you love marking time by celebrating the uniqueness of the seasons? This session is all about being passionate and capturing all the beauty and originality of whichever season you're most passionate about! From Fall colors to spring flowers to Winter Wonderlands and even soaking up some rays, whatever season tickles your fur-kids fancy most - why not celebrate their passion and joy of the season?

10. Super Seniors Sessions - Last but most certainly not least, Super Senior Sessions are all about celebrating the love we have for our amazing super seniors. As a senior pet momma myself I know how amazing and special senior pets are! So let's celebrate it! So let's see those grey muzzles and celebrate every nuance that makes them unique before having to book a Celebration of Life Session!

Celebrate Your Seniors with a Senior Session!

If any of these amazing sessions sound like they would make your fur-kids tail wag, be sure to give me a bark and book your own special and one of a kind session today!

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