My name is Jennifer and I’m the gal behind the lens here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography.  Sometimes I do crazy things like staying up after midnight to watch the meteor showers + listen to the humpbacks singing a song or drive miles out on a back logging road to check out a one of a kind place like the Eternal Fountain or Devil’s Bath because I am passionate about the amazing and special area we live in.  The world and our area are filled with so many outstanding and one of a kind places to spend too much time inside!  No journey is nearly as awesome as when you have a fur-baby by your side, so I share my adventures with my wee Shih Tzu Ozzy and my amazing polydactyl calico cat, Poly-Ana.  I would love to share + capture an amazing journey with you and your fur-kids so be sure to give me a bark!


A Few Fun Facts

  • It was because of my Polydactyl Cat Poly-Ana + my old cat Lisa-Lee (who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017) who ignited + continue to paw-spire my photography journey.

  • I love watching learning new things be it by book, online or a great documentary.

  • My dream is to go across Canada + photograph amazing rescue pets needing homes + to share the stories from great rescues across the country.

  • I prefer sandals to sneakers but would really rather be barefoot.

  • When I was 9 years old I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and it's made me a big advocate for Rheumatic Disease Awareness, including my own team that struts each year in the Walk to Fight Arthritis, called Team Strut Your Mutt!

  • I am an avid coffee lover, but anything Mocha is always a favorite!

  • My happiest days are spent off the grid, wandering along the beach or strolling through old forests with my camera.

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