I see you fur-momma! You work hard so your fur-babies can have an incredible life. Making sure they get the best care, the cutest outfits, softest beds, and most nutritious food.  I see you because I am also a pawsome fur-momma!


 I know many of you pawsome fur mommas often pause and save up for months before booking your marvelous Paws + Tails Pet Photography session to capture your adorable fur-baby + your one of a kind bond so you can display those adorkable smiling faces with tongues lolling out after chasing their favorite toy, tails wagging with bottoms up in the air ready to play, paws splashing on their favorite beach and even a simple puppy kiss on your face or snuggle in your lap;  in your home, your office and to share with friends and family. To remember our fur-kids and the magic they bring to our lives even long after they cross the rainbow bridge is an extraordinary thing.

It’s extraordinary because we know our time with these magnificent fur babies is limited, as much as we try not to admit it to ourselves. The last thing any pet pawrent wants is to have that gut sinking moment of having to say goodbye and realizing that there they have no memories captured to share, to remember the joy, the bond and the love that was shared. I know this firsthand because I had it happen to me before I became a pet photographer and it’s one of my biggest regrets and it's one of the many things that drives me to keep capturing beautiful one of a kind memories for other pet pawrents.

 No matter if you have a preference to a beautiful classic canvas for your foyer, a shimmering metallic for the living room or eco-friendly wood print for your bedroom; a stunning album for your coffee table or a beautiful acrylic block for your office; or are unsure where is the best place to create memories at or even what to wear – I’m here every step of the way to help you relax, smile and  figure all of it out from which style, type of artwork and portraits you love best and suit your one of a kind home to how to keep you and your fur-kid feeling safe, comfortable and relaxed during the entire experience.

Why do I help you to choose and create amazing wall art, albums and other beautiful creations featuring your fur-babies to display in your home instead of just handing over the digitals? Simple. While digital images are great online, the sad truth is, electronics fail. Computers get infected or just plain die. Cell phones get crushed and emails get lost…. And eventually those smiling faces get buried in an avalanche of your news feed or albums in your social media pages.

I know that you’ve worked hard to have these special moments captured with your fur-baby in your favorite place to spend time together by Paws + Tails Pet Photography because you wanted to enjoy the unique, stress-free and pleasurable experience full of smiles and laughter from beginning to end and WANT to see these remarkable images EVERY day in your home or office because your heart sings whenever you see them.

 Paws + Tails Pet Photography is tailor-made for every pet pawrent and their magnificent fur-babies who come through the door, like you. The amazing pet pawrent who’s fur babies rock your world and deserve to be celebrated for the exceptional and marvelous fur baby they are. 

 Will 2020 be the year you finally book your own session with Paws + Tails Pet Photography instead of lusting over someone else's in your news feed? I sure hope it is because you and your fur-baby deserve to be celebrated, treasured and shared.  

I can't wait to meet you and your beautiful fur-babies and create some beautiful tail wagging memories!


It all began with a big MEOW!  While I had always enjoyed photography, I had never thought about photographing pets nor doing it as a career until my journey began with a loud MEOW in 2009.  I adopted a beautiful cat named Lisa-Lee and as I shared her journey on my very small, old Kodak camera; my family loved gushing over her and it started a fire that is now an inferno in my soul when it comes to photographing pets + animals of all shapes and sizes.   It was because of my feline companions I started learning about Rescue Pet Photography and became a member of Hearts Speak and am so passionate about, not only capturing amazing memories for pet parents but also about giving back + helping amazing fur-kids find amazing families too.


I adopted this special girl in November 2009 when she was a year old, to be a companion to sweet Lisa-Lee.  Poly is a total camera HAM and after noticing her mediocre photo on the rescue's website, it encouraged me to look into volunteering my time with local rescues to help them find forever homes.  Since then, I've also become an Artist Member of Hearts Speak, helping rescue pets find happy tails.  Poly is the chief cat in charge of all things rescue work-related here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography and keeps inspiring me to keep lending a helping paw to other pets like her to help them find forever homes each day.  


Ozzy moved in, along with my folks, with Poly, Lisa-Lee and I in 2014 in Abbotsford.  She and I have become very close companions over the years, and her and Poly and now the very best of friends - most the time, and she is always up for - and is usually tolerant of - posing for her camera happy "sister" and loves going for strolls with me in our new home exploring all the North Island has to see.  Ozzy is the chief of all things belly rub + treats related here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography HQ. It's hard to believe this spunky girl turns 10 the day we ring in a new decade! 

Paws + Tails Pet Photography is located in magnificent Port Alice BC and specializes in candid, natural light pet photography.  As a lifestyle pet photographer, I photograph dogs, horses, cats and all kinds of critters on location on the picturesque North Island.