Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I am Jennifer…

Professional pet photographer, passionate pet rescue volunteer photographer, and rescue pet momma and avid lover of all things found in nature. I love sitting in the sunshine on my deck watching the ocean, having a cup of chai tea and snuggling with my fur-kids watching nature roll past our front porch or going for a stroll with my fur-kids along our beach or driveway checking out which new creatures have arrived in our home.  

For me, pets and animals of all shapes, sizes, and species bring sweet sanity to this crazy human world we live in and I’ve never met one that hasn’t taught me something new and left paw, wing or hoofprints on my heart in their own special way.

Some of my favorite moments are not just from moments captured with the camera or an award-winning image. They come from having gear covered in water after a pup has an amazing swim in the ocean for the first time. Bruises from giant paws that enthusiastically body tackle you to the ground to smother you in slobber and puppy kisses. Or watching a rescue pets first time running through the grass with the enthusiasm of a toddler hyped up on sugar. And that is not all, my job also comes with fantastic perks. I have more pet-hugging opportunities than the average lawyer and blue jeans and a favorite t-shirt is totally legitimate in this line of work; and, even better? I get to engage with you—people head over heels for their fur-kids, and business owners passionate about serving the pet community and truly understand my passion for animals too. When I’m not busy working on creating amazing portraits and special memories for pet parents, I’m busy helping capture the one of a kind personality of beautiful and incredible rescue pets, helping them to find their happy tails. 

Every interaction with each and every one of these beautiful creatures and their amazing humans is a blessing and it shows me just how incredible the human-animal bond is – be it fur-kids and their parents or wildlife as it watches us cautiously as we pass by, careful not to disturb their peaceful moment.

That I get to witness such incredible bonds between amazing fur-kids and their parents, create beautiful portraits and call it “work”, is a true gift and I still pinch myself every single day in disbelief. That I get to follow my passion and spend time with such amazing fur-kids and their people and give back to my community is, and always will be, an indescribable blessing.

Every fur-kid and their family have a story to tell, which is why I photograph fur-kids and their beautiful favorite incredible pet parents. I know first-hand that every special fur-kid has a one of a kind personality, and, tragically, their time with us is too short.  

My goal is to have every fur-kids unique personality shine through in their images for you to remember these moments for a lifetime. From muddy noses to sandy, wet paws a perfect head tilt and stolen puppy kisses and everything in between, I’m here to preserve every special memory and help share you and your fur-kids special and one of a kind story. One that you can share in your home on your walls, in beautiful albums with friends and family, and in small artwork that decorates your home office. Images that make your tail wag every time you walk by them and bring a smile to your face whenever you see it.  

If you’re ready to capture and share you and your fur-kids story, be sure to give me a bark! I can’t wait to meet you and to share your special story!

It All Began with a Meow

It all began with a big MEOW!  While I had always enjoyed photography, I had never thought about photographing pets nor doing it as a career until my journey began with a loud MEOW in 2009.  I adopted a beautiful cat named Lisa-Lee and as I shared her journey on my very small, old Kodak camera; my family loved gushing over her and it started a fire that is now an inferno in my soul when it comes to photographing pets + animals of all shapes and sizes.   It was because of my feline companions I started learning about Rescue Pet Photography and became a member of Hearts Speak and am so passionate about, not only capturing amazing memories for pet parents but also about giving back + helping amazing fur-kids find amazing families too.

Meet Our Resident Paws & Tails


I adopted this special girl in November 2009 when she was a year old, to be a companion to sweet Lisa-Lee.  Poly is a total camera HAM and after noticing her mediocre photo on the rescue's website, it encouraged me to look into volunteering my time with local rescues to help them find forever homes.  Since then, I've also become an Artist Member of Hearts Speak, helping rescue pets find happy tails.  Poly is the chief cat in charge of all things rescue work-related here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography and keeps inspiring me to keep lending a helping paw to other pets like her to help them find forever homes each day.  


Ozzy moved in, along with my folks, with Poly, Lisa-Lee and I in 2014 in Abbotsford.  She and I have become very close companions over the years, and her and Poly and now the very best of friends - most the time, and she is always up for - and is usually tolerant of - posing for her camera happy "sister" and loves going for strolls with me in our new home exploring all the North Island has to see.  Ozzy is the chief of all things belly rub + treats related here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography HQ. It's hard to believe this spunky girl turns 10 the day we ring in a new decade! 

Paws + Tails Pet Photography is located in magnificent Port Alice BC and specializes in candid, natural light pet photography.  As a lifestyle pet photographer, I photograph dogs, horses, cats and all kinds of critters on location on the picturesque North Island.