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Creating Treasured Artwork

I offer an array of artwork options to suit various preferences, styles, and budgets. Whether you're looking for classic elegance, contemporary flair, or something uniquely personalized, we have the perfect piece for you.

My selection includes:

  • Regular or Framed Canvas: The timeless appeal of canvas brings your furkid's portrait to life with depth and texture.

  • 2" Depth Carlton Framed Prints: Elevate your pet's portrait with the sophistication of our high-quality framed prints.

  • Mounted & Framed Hand-Torn Giclee Prints: For a touch of artisanal charm, hand-torn giclee prints combine artistry and craftsmanship.

  • Albums (Small, Medium, Large): Create a storybook of your pet's journey with meticulously crafted albums that capture every cherished moment.

  • Gift Items: Discover an array of delightful gift options, from desktop framed sets to keepsake blocks and more, perfect for sharing your pet's charm with loved ones.

The Reveal & Ordering Session:

The moment you've been eagerly waiting for is here – the Reveal & Ordering Session. During this personalized session, I guide you through selecting the artwork that perfectly complements your home decor and aligns with your budget. It's a collaborative process where we consider your preferences, the spaces where the artwork will be displayed, and the emotions you want to evoke with each piece.

I understand that choosing the right artwork can be both exciting and overwhelming. That's why we're here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that the final selections reflect the unique bond you share with your furry friend. My goal is to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience, resulting in artwork that fills your heart with joy every time you see it.

Your pet's portrait deserves to be showcased as a masterpiece – a celebration of the love, connection, and cherished memories you've shared. Let's embark on the journey of selecting artwork that will grace your home and warm your heart for generations to come.

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