My job is to preserve every special memory and help share you and your fur-kids beautiful and one-of-a-kind story. One that you can share in your home on your walls, in beautiful albums with friends and family, and in small artwork that decorates your home office. Images that make your tail wag every time you walk by them and bring a smile to your face whenever you see it.  

For me, pets and animals of all shapes, sizes, and species bring sweet and humorous sanity to this crazy human world we live in. To this day, I’ve never met one that hasn’t taught me something new and left paw, wing, or hoofprints on my heart in their own extraordinary way.

My favorite moments are not from moments captured with the camera. They come from having my gear covered in water after a pup has an incredible first swim in the ocean.  They come from bruises left by giant paws that enthusiastically body tackled me to the ground to smother me in slobber and puppy kisses. Or from watching a rescue pet enjoy their first time running through the grass with the enthusiasm of a toddler hyped up on sugar.  The best part of my job, however, is that I get to engage with you—people head over heels for their fur-kids who utterly understand and share my passion for animals too.  
​That I get to witness such incredible bonds between beautiful fur-kids and their parents, create one-of-a-kind portraits, and call it “work” is a marvelous gift that I still pinch myself every single day in disbelief about. 

​​My goal is to have every fur-kids unique personality shine through in the beautiful artwork we create for you that you will remember for a lifetime. From muddy noses to sandy, wet paws, the perfect head tilt and stolen puppy kisses, and everything in between.

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It all started with a MEOW in 2009 during a low point for me.  I was in a new city, without my family nearby and I decided to adopt a special feline.  I told the rescue I wanted the one who needed a home the most that might be tougher to place.  They told me they had the puuur-fect match and they were so incredibly right.  Her name was Lisa-Lee. She had no photo on their website and simply brought her by to see if it was a match - and it was truly love at first, very loud, MEOW! A few months later, I adopted Poly-ana as a companion for her and while they didn't get along at first, they slowly learned to tolerate each other.  We have traveled to several cities and Lisa-Lee sadly passed away in 2017.  These days, it's Ozzy, my parent's 10-year-old Shih Tzu that keeps Poly-ana company and they are truly the best of friends.  Capturing Lisa-Lee and Poly-ana to share with family that was far away, inspired me to capture moments of other rescue pets + of other people's pets too.  A great adoption photo, I found out, can help a rescue pet's adoption chances by 60%! When Lisa-Lee passed away it reminded me that we truly get such a short time with these amazing beings and how much of a comfort it can be having both amazing memories in our hearts and having special moments that have been immortalized in photos + artwork once they cross that rainbow bridge.  

XO Jennifer

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